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allan serna.

computer science graduate from
georgia tech.


about me.

Hola Mundo,

My name is Allan and I was born and raised in the Country Music capital of the world. I was intrigued by the world of technology from a very young age when I first heard of video-calling. The thought of two people in two different locations communicating through video caught my attention, making me wonder about how a random device has the ability to capture an image thousands of miles away and transmit it. These thoughts would follow me for the rest of my childhood and teenage years, as I would oftentimes find myself playing video games and wondering how it is possible that my video game character knows that I am telling it to move in certain directions or perform certain actions. Eventually, I heard about Computer Science through Microsoft and knew that I wanted to learn about the intricacies of Technology through my higher education. Fast forward to 2015 (where video calling has become a basic norm), I moved further south to attend one of the nation's Top 5 Public Universities, the Georgia Institute of Technology.

At Georgia Tech I learned how to build systems to exploit computing’s abilities to provide creative outlets, in addition to, designing, building, and evaluating systems that treat humans as the central component. My early programming courses began with Python, though they quickly became Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages like Java. I was also exposed to C, C#, D3, JavaScript, amongst other programming languages through my school courses. Aditionally, throughout my time at Tech, I worked as a technical support technician at the College of Computing. I helped maintain our college’s filesystems and networks, in addition to troubleshooting numerous of reported issues on a daily basis. Though, my interest in the web was inspired by a project based class where I tackled ReactJS for the very first time. And ever since, I have sought to learn more about the framework and how to apply it in the real world. That skill and curiosity would eventually lead me to my first internship position as a Full-Stack Software Developer at Dispersive Networks. There, I was extremely involved with ReactJS and exposed to Redux, and as I was responsible for planning and developing a complex web application (all demos and code are available below) from start to finish. This included working with API’s developed in GoLang and testing them with PostMan, as well as, implementing algorithms for proper CRUD operations on my tree implementation. Once my term was over, I quickly found another position and was hired as an intern at New Balance as a Front-End Web Developer. At NB, I worked with the site teams of USA and Canada to implement web designs into the site (in HTML and CSS). This included working with applications such as Jira to properly keep track of assignments and Salesforce to deploy my code into production. Some special projects I had the opportunity to work with while I was there included several landing page designs and NB’s Basketball page with NBA Star Kawahi Leonard.

Now as a recent grad, I continue seeking ways to develop as I am constantly taking online courses during my downtime (especially during this pandemic). My interests remain on the Web as my aspirations revolve around Full-Stack Development, though I do plan on expanding into more work with Mobile Applications in the very near future. Ideation is my favorite part of development, therefore eventually I would like to begin my own Start-up.

I have been blessed to work on a variety of different projects with all sorts of people and am only seeking to grow more; therefore, I invite you to learn more about me through my listed experiences and projects below. Thank you.

Allan Serna

my skills.

programming languages.

JavaScript , HTML , CSS , Java , Python , GoLang , D3 , C# , XML , PHP , Processing, C , Swift

frameworks, libraries, & ide's.

React (JS & Native) , NodeJS , Redux , Chart.js, Visual Studio Code , XCode , Android Studio , Drupal7


AWS (API Gateway , Lambda , DynamoDB ), GitHub , GitLab , Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Xd , SalesForce , Jira , Bitbucket , Unity, Postman , Pixlr, GarageBand, Final Cut Pro

additonal skills.

Graphic Design , Visual Medias , Video Production , Audio Production , Customer Service Background , Interpreting/Translating (Spanish/English)

my experience.


React Web Developer Contractor. May 2020 - current.

Scholars. Remote.

- Developing key features for the Hire Scholars Web Application platform to provide resources to students and recent graduates to assist in their ability to connect and land their internship or first job

- Tech Stack revolves around React, Redux, Firebase, and Material UI & Tailwind CSS for design

- SCRUM Development Team


Front-End Web Developer Intern. Aug. 2019 - Dec. 2019.

New Balance. St. Louis, MO.

- Revised graphics from the graphic design team using Adobe Photoshop and coded at least 3 of these designs into web assets (per hour) using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the official New Balance website and Outlet Website. 🖥 SAMPLES

- Coded the NB Basketball page for NBA star Kawhi Leonard's iconic and NB's most popular shoes, the OMN1S.

- Coding advertisement emails that are being sent to the subscribers of the NB emailing newsletter.

- Made a script with Python and Selenium that scans New Balance's outlet store website and checks for price and stock changes amongst the sneakers and clothing; these could all be tracked and exported as a .csv ⌨️ CODE 🖥 DEMO (Coming Soon)


Full-Stack Software Developer Intern. May. 2019 - Aug. 2019.

Dispersive Networks. Alpharetta, GA.

- Responsible for building the user-facing interactive visual workflow tree for the new version of Service Provider with ReactJS. This workflow tree engages the company's API and allows users/groups/devices to obtain certain permissions (e.g. for certain applications) based on their positioning within the hierarchy of the tree. ⌨️ CODE 🖥 DEMO

- Initiated the React web application for the company's upcoming release of Service Provider 5.0 which included a management system (CRUD) of the clientel's devices. ⌨️ CODE 🖥 DEMO

- Built and used REST API's with GoLang and performed management of the API's using Postman.


WebDev Services Student Administrator. Jan. 2019 - May 2019.

GT Technology Services Organization. Atlanta, GA.

- Administered faculty and staff webpage databases through phpMyAdmin and Apache and mySQL servers.

- Configured virtual machines as development environments with CentOS, PHP7, and Drupal7.

- Designed the default webpage used within our department with Adobe Photoshop.


Helpdesk Technical Student Associate. Jan. 2017 - Jan. 2019.

GT Technology Services Organization. Atlanta, GA.

- Reviewed hardware and software issues with student, faculty, and staff laptops, and helped them find a quick resolution through in-person visits or via email.

- Managed open tickets and completed thorough documentation of the issue at hand and identified if there was any need for an issue to be escaleted to a senior technician.

my education.


Post-Grad Courses & Certifications. May 2020 - Present.

LinkedIn Learning & Udemy. view account.

- The Complete React Native + Hooks Course by Stephen Grider

- AWS Serverless APIs & Apps by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

- Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Developers by Bear Cahill

- Modern React with Redux by Stephen Grider


Georgia Institute of Technology. Aug. 2015 - May 2020.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Atlanta, GA.

- Graduated with Higher Honors and as a SanDisk Scholar

- Major GPA: 3.6, Cumulative GPA: 3.4

- Threads: People & Media

- Minor: Sports, Society, and Technology from the GT School of History and Sociology


Hume-Fogg Academic High School. Aug. 2011 - May 2015.

High School and Cambridge Research Diploma. Nashville, TN.

- Graduated Top 10% of the class from the #49 Nationally Ranked High School in the United States.

- Performed a 2 year Cambridge Research on immigration issues from Latin America to the United States.

- 2x All-District, 2x All-Regional, 2x All Mid-State, 1x All-State, 1x All-Star Athlete for Men's Varsity Soccer.

my projects.

  • Dispersive Interactive Visual Workflow

    A user-facing interactive visual workflow tree for the new version of Dispersive's Service Provider with ReactJS. This workflow tree engages our API and allows users/groups/devices to obtain certain permissions (e.g. for certain applications) based on their positioning within the hierarchy of the tree.

  • Yokogawa Production Management Portal

    A dashboard web application created for Quality Assurance Engineers at Yokogawa so that they could actively review the performance of each of their assembly lines.

  • Purplepundit.appspot.com

    React web application that seperates the latest news articles according to their liberal & conservative bias using the NewsAPI and Media Bias Fact Checker.

  • Dispersive Service-Prov Dashboard

    A management system created for Dispersive's clientel's devices. Users can add, edit, delete, and search for certain devices within their system.

  • Stock Web Applet

    A small web applet that allows users to keep track of stocks and calculate profit gains and losses, as well as, equity percentages. I created this applet withthe purpose of practicing with React's hook features (useState, useEffect). Data was fetched from the Finnhub API.

  • RingAlert

    Created a device prototype (initial steps towards ring prototype) that alerts important contacts when found in danger. This project was developed in React and uses the Twilio API for messaging integration and various web modules to capture location and Bluetooth connectivity. (PWA)

  • Joe's New Balance Shoe Tracker Script

    A python script that checks New Balance's outlet store website, Joe's, and checks for price changes (+/-) and new arrivals, as well as, removals amongst sneakers and clothing and exports them as a csv file.

    (Selenium & ChromeDriver)

  • Illuso: A Labyrinth of Magic Game

    This video game was created in the Georgia Tech CS 6457 Video Game Design Class. The game is called Illuso and showcases a magician character trapped in a magical labyrinth who must gather magical playing cards to acquire new abilities and escape!


  • Weather Applet

    Mini weather app using the OpenWeather API and Bootstrap. Credit to Hamza Mirza for the tutorial.

  • Investing Into Your Education Visual

    Data visualization that allows you to interact with data about income and higher education from various U.S. colleges of 2009.

  • Water Source Android Application

    A crowd-sourced water quality measurement application for my CS 2340 Final Project.

my resume.

contact me.

Nashville, TN, US